Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Image from Math is Fun

Factory Farming

Image from rcg.org (The Real Truth)
Image from The Movie Database

Avian Influenza

The poultry Industry
Image from the World Health Organisation

Part 3: Food for the masses

Image from the International Monetary Fund (IMF F&D)

Food production must double by 2050 to meet the demand of the world’s growing population and innovative strategies are needed to help combat hunger, which already affects more than 1 billion people in the world, several experts today told the Second Committee (Economic and Financial) during a panel discussion on “New cooperation for global food security”.

Image from Challenge.org
Image from OurWorldinData
Image from Cool Green Science — The Nature Conservancy
Image from NOAA’s National Ocean Service: Red blips represent cities while green areas represent farms
Image from Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant
Image from EarthDate


Image from Semantic Scholar



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